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sano vegano italiano
May 22, 2017


Artichoke Sformatino with scamorza cream cheese11.00 €
Valtellina Sciatt with culatello (Finest part of Prosciutto Crudo) from Zibello and Pickled Vegetables11.00 €
La Pernice Appetizer12.00 €
Pie with Seasonal Vegetables11.00 €
Fresh Water Taste11.00 €
Bread Pumpkin with Flavoured Mayonnaise11.00 €


Tagliolini (Pasta) with Fish Ragu  9.00 €
Potato Gnocchi with Bacon, Herbs and Silter Cheese  9.00 €
Cereals Grains with Vegetables  9.00 €
Trofie (Pasta) with Deer Sauce and Trevisano Radicchio  9.00 €
Casoncelli Bresciani (Dumplings with meat)  9.00 €
Risotto with Savoy Cabbage cream and Bitto Storico Ribelle Cheese10.00 €
Cream of Pumpkin and Ginger  9.00 €


Grilled Fish from the Lake15.00 €
Perch Dorati with Fines Herbes15.00 €
Char Roll with Spinach Heart, Leek and Potato Cream14.00 €
Dry Sardine from Iseo Lake with Polenta (Cornmeal Mush) from Bienno Mill14.00 €
Soup from the Lake14.00 €
Pork Fillet with Shallot and Reduction of Franciacorta Wine14.00 €
Beef Fillet with Potatoes and Truffle Sauce from the Valley16.00 €
Deer Fillet with Vin Brule Sauce16.00 €
Boar Stew with Polenta from Bienno Mill14.00 €
Chickpea Squares with Sesame and Vegetable Sauce14.00 €
Cheese Selection with Marmalade and Mountain Honey14.00 €


Lake in Oil
Tagliolini (Pasta) with Fish Ragu
Lavaret Roll with Herbs and Robiola Cheese
Dessert of your choice

Total per person € 35.00


Cured Meat Selection
Risotto with Treviso Radicchio and Bagòss Cheese
Beef Guancialino Slowly Cooked with Polenta (Cornmeal Mush) from Bienno mill
Dessert of your choice

Total per person € 35.00

Cover Charge € 2.00